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IAS and health

Where no doctor can be found

Throughout modern times, the Southern Sudanese have endured incredible hardship.  From the nation’s naturally harsh living environment to decades of civil war, the Sudanese have had to face adversity head-on at every turn.  Although it seems that at times they have been forgotten by the rest of the world, the Sudanese people have always been seen by God… He has not overlooked their suffering.

In the harsh environment of Bahr el Ghazal, Sothern Sudan, IAS missionary, Charity Lanman, established a medical clinic in 2006.  Her initially small clinic was started in the Nyinbuli region, an area with an immediate population of over 40,000 people and not one doctor or health facility.  In fact, prior to Charity’s arrival, those in need of medical assistance would make a nine-hour journey on foot to the nearest clinic.  In the rainy season, that journey is impossible.

In 2010 IAS partnered with Charity, adopting her clinic and life-long passion and infusing much-needed funding and support.  This brought about both expanded vision and increased capacity for the Nyinbuli clinic.   Our mission  is to meet the physical needs of the people in and near Nyinbuli as a means to speak into their lives spiritually.  IAS believes that faith, if not accompanied by action to meet the physical needs of those less fortunate, is dead.  Our acts of service to those in a state of severe deprivation and physical hardship are a natural expression of our faith in God.  Read additional IAS health stories here. .

"I don't know what I would have done without my husband." …Your help meets them in their most desparate time of need.

Our vision

IAS sees the Nyinbuli clinic as a first step towards further involvement in South Sudan’s developing health sector.  Already, IAS is making plans to expand our medical programs to other regions in the South.  As famine and hunger strike across the continent, IAS is positioned to assist in meeting the medical needs of those suffering.

Please join us by either serving in the USA or Sudan, by praying or by financially supporting our efforts. Your financial investment in the Nyinbuli clinic means the gift of life to the Sudanese people.

Nyinbuli Clinic Facts and Statistics

  • Average of 650 outpatients seen monthly
  • 22% of children under 15 years have malaria
  • 36% of children under 5 years have respiratory infections
  • 28% of children under 5 years have an intestinal parasite and/or acute watery diarrhea
  • 14% of women between 15 and 40 years are anemic
  • March 2009 – first permanent structure dedicated for the clinic consisting of 2 exam rooms, 1 pharmacy, 1 in-patient ward, and 1 therapeutic feeding store room
  • 2010 emergency referral abilities established through the use of a Land Cruiser
  • Children’s church ministry established (operating through local church)
  • Women’s group meeting weekly (discusses Bible, crafts, addresses health and maternal issues as well as other social issues)
  • Discipleship program – 3 days a week Biblical teaching combined with literacy, 2 days a week literacy education

View Pictures of IAS’ at Work Meeting Healthcare and Sanitation Needs in Southern Sudan