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Water « International Aid Services America

Water sustains life. But, throughout much of Africa water is often a carrier of disease and death. IAS drills wells throughout Sudan and other parts of Africa in areas where none have previously existed so that fresh, life giving water is available to entire communities. A village well does much more than simply provide clean drinking water. It also changes the social fabric of village life. Instead of spending hours each day walking to a distant source in search of water, children now are free to attend school. Clean, local drinking water is saving lives and changing the future of children across the continent of Africa.

Your Help Creating Wells Provides:

  • Life
  • Productivity, when not enclumbered by sickness
  • Productivity, when not consumed by the task of transporting water
  • Opportunity for child education (the task of procuring water typically falls on the women and children)
  • Opportunity for business and community stability when a nomadic lifestyle, chasing seasonal rain, is not required
  • Opportunity for personal growth and development when not consumed by just trying to staying alive