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Water and Sanitation « International Aid Services America

Providing the world’s population with clean and safe water represents one of the greatest global challenges of the 21st century. Access to improved water and sanitation are generally the first steps toward sustainable communities, and toward an end to poverty. A village well does much more than simply provide clean drinking water. It also changes the social fabric of village life. Instead of spending hours each day walking to a distant source in search of water, children now are free to attend school. Clean, local drinking water is saving lives and changing the future of children across the continent of Africa. Effective water resources management that incorporates integrated and sustainable approaches is an essential ingredient in human transformation leading to strong communities, and ultimately stable and progressive countries.


Water/Sanitation Initiatives Include:

  • Drilling wells
  • Installing and rehabilitating hand pumps
  • Creating solar-powered water yards (elevated water tanks)
  • Organizing community-led sanitation programs
  • Training communities in water pump maintenance
  • Installing rain water harvesting structures
  • Building water irrigation systems
  • Constructing latrines
  • Providing trainings on basic health and sanitation practices
  • Implementing the PeePoo intervention