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Regardless of who we are, where we live, what we have, and what we have been told, all humans have the ability to better the lives of others.  At IAS America, we partner with people around the world – people just like you - and come alongside those who have been displaced by war and conflict, those who have little access to resources due to economic disparity or natural disasters/drought, and those who are affected by oppression and inequality.  We aim to do this through bolstering/supporting opportunities within communities and by building capacity in the areas of water, sanitation, community development, and healthcare.  We believe that, in-so-doing, we are able to enrich one another’s lives and to experience the joy that comes from participating in God’s work throughout the world.  Please consider joining us!!

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Did you know that there is a way to automatically contribute to IAS America each month without having to remember to do this yourself?  Just click on the “donate now” button, create a secure account with IAS, and you will be set to change lives monthly through your recurring, automatic donation which you can cancel at anytime  – try it today!

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Thanks to your assistance, more developing world families and communities now have access to the simple basics of life.  To track your empowerment investment through IAS, our blog and newsletter, Snapshot, will keep you up to date with the latest news, stories, and available opportunities within IAS.   Sign up now to receive our emailed monthly copy of Snapshot. Please include your mailing address in order to receive a printed copy of Snapshot mailed to you each month (U.S. addresses only, please). 

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Why is giving to IAS important? Examples of lives changed

IAS blog posts

Amaro Tan students enjoy a fun activity during their 2014 summer camp.
Two proud providers share their abundant gratitude for help in a season of drought.
A mosquito net and IAS-provided medical help are a blessing as a new life is welcomed into the world.