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Our mandate « International Aid Services America

A microfinance loan, funded by a donor like you, helps this mother fulfill a lifelong hope of being able to provide for her children.


IAS America exists in order to save lives, promote self-reliance through business development, and to restore dignity through human transformation – going beyond relief and development in the world’s most desperate communities.  IAS envisions a world where all people, even those in the most remote areas of the globe, hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and their families.

Hard-working, developing world men and women often lack the tools necessary to escape poverty.  IAS provides these tools to those in poverty’s grasp:  income opportunities (microfinance) and business training, the health and stability that comes from clean and trustworthy water, and medical assistance when otherwise none is available.

These are just a few of the services IAS offers the world’s least fortunate. This holistic approach works to provide a hand-up when a hand-out is not enough.   By helping individuals help themselves, the ripple effect of an entire community undergoing transformation begins.  And as our logo suggests, just like a stone thrown into a pond, each life empowered and freed from physical and spiritual scarcity sets off this chain reaction; affecting families, villages, and future generations.  Join us.  Take action now.  Rescue a life from hopelessness and help set the ripple effect of self-reliance into motion.

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