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Why We Exist « International Aid Services America

A microfinance loan, funded by a donor like you, helps this mother fulfill a lifelong hope of being able to provide for her children.


IAS America exists in order to promote well-being, to empower communities, and to restore dignity through human transformation – going beyond relief and development.  IAS envisions a world where all people, even those in the most remote areas of the globe, hold the power to create opportunity for themselves and their families.

Often – due to economic disparity, natural disasters or drought, corruption, or violence – people lack the resources necessary to live and to thrive.  IAS supports these people through providing:  clean water, health, education, and community development.

Working from a holistic approach which treats all people with the respect and dignity they deserve while empowering them to reach their goals allows us to share the love of Christ in physical and tangible ways.  As our logo suggests, just like a stone thrown into a pond, each life that is freed from physical and spiritual scarcity sets off this chain reaction; affecting families, villages, and future generations.  We welcome you to join us.

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