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Al Burpee • Giving a Hand-Up in South Sudan « International Aid Services America


I grew up in a small town in Idaho where my parents actively lived out their love of Jesus and, because of that, I accepted Christ at an early age.  My parents had spent time as missionaries in Sudan and imparted a love for missions.  As a young teen, I began to seriously think about personally pursing missions. I attended a one-year internship at the Honor Academy with Teen Mania, where God cemented in my heart that missionary work in Africa was something I would be doing with my life.  An opportunity came for me to work in Uganda, and while it was a difficult two years, never once did I regret the decision to go.  If anything, it strengthened my resolve that missions is where God has called me to be, and I learned an incredible amount about the life of a missionary and supporting financial works in Africa.  I am very excited to be taking this knowledge and experience and applying it at IAS in what is now the newest country in the world, South Sudan.

Work in South Sudan

South Sudan is a country overrun with rampant theft and corruption.  Children learn about stealing and corruption from an early age.  Schools are fraught with administrators demanding unofficial payments to ensure that a child stays enrolled.  Many children have parents who are stealing from their employers.  It is no wonder this environment has raised up a generation where corruption is the norm of the day, and where the gap between those who have and those who don’t could not be more distinct.  The country is rife with examples of good intentions thrown away by corrupt individuals.  This means that, while much of the western world has shown a willingness to support projects aimed at helping South Sudan, a small class of elites grow rich from these projects while the overwhelming majority of the population continues to suffer.

The need for discipleship in the area financial integrity is immense.  IAS partners with and implements much of its work through local Christian NGOs run by Sudanese committed to helping their own people.  Much of my role will be to work with these NGOs by providing teaching and training on financial integrity and stewardship.  Practically, this means helping to install proper accounting systems that provide accurate and timely reports, and prevent continuous fraud from occurring.   IAS also has several regional micro-finance projects that I will be providing guidance and oversight to.

For me to be successful in the ministry God has for me in South Sudan, I am looking for individuals willing to partner financially with me and the work that I will be doing.  I need to raise an initial $24,000 in one-time expenses before I can depart for the field and a commiment for $3400 in continuous monthly support.  Please pray about how you can be involved.

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