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Snapshot: The Future Looks Bright « International Aid Services America

A student concentrates on his assignment at the Amaro Tan School in Pogradec, Albania.

For more than a decade, IAS has been proud to partner with the Nehemia Foundation and its Christian school, Amaro Tan. Located in southern Albania, Amaro Tan reaches out to a distinct, marginalized demographic of special needs children in the Pogradec region of Albania. Amaro Tan offers a holistic educational approach and vocational training, designed to equip students and their families to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

In addition to special needs classes, summer classes and after school programs, Amaro Tan offers food programs for the school families most in need. The school also has a specialized social worker who addresses many of the needs of the community. Amaro Tan has and continues to offer educational opportunities that otherwise would never be available to some of Albania’s least fortunate.

Many of Albania’s poor come from the minority Egyptian community – a group that faces much discrimination and many challenges in Albania. Two of Amaro Tan’s best pupils, ninth graders Ekleva Jugu and Anxhela Ago, come from this minority group.

Ekleva lives with her parents and two sisters, and she has attended Amaro Tan since preschool. Ekelva has an insatiable appetite for reading and spends much of her free time in the city library. In part, due to her love of reading and learning, Ekleva’s academic development and achievement at Amaro Tan has greatly impressed her instructors.

Ekleva and Anxhela share in one of their favorite subjects at Amaro Tan – reading.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,

Ekleva’s school colleague, Anxhela, is just as driven to succeed. Anxhela has only attended Amaro Tan for three years, but in that time she has astounded teachers with her love for music and her commitment to bettering herself. Anxhela especially loves playing the guitar, and she uses her gift of music to help lead the worship group in her local church.

Both girls finished the ninth grade believing it would be the end of their educational path, as the funds were not available for them to move onto high school. However, thanks to sponsors and additional funding, the girls received scholarships to continue their education at the Nehemia high school in Bucimas, Albania. Big challenges await both young women as they continue their studies with very little financial support from their families, but Ekleva and Anxhela are grateful for the opportunity to continue their education and are committed to succeed.

Your continued support of IAS allows us to meet the needs of students like Ekleva and Anxhela. With your help, we’re excited to continue partnering with Amaro Tan and the Nehemia Foundation as they reach out to so many without hope in Albania. Providing a hand-up is what Amaro Tan is all about, and we at IAS couldn’t argue for a better approach.

In gratitude,

Douglas Mann
IAS America

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