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Snapshot: Interesting Changes « International Aid Services America

As you may have noticed, some changes are taking place at IAS America. Beginning in May, a new and improved version of our monthly publication, Snapshot, will be introduced. Included each month with Snapshot will also be a personal letter, allowing me to share on a more intimate basis not only what is happening with IAS, but also in the developing world.

But April’s publication, which most IAS donors will receive by snail mail, is designed to challenge those of you who have not yet decided to get involved with the work of IAS on a monthly basis. It is my prayer that our mailing this month will not only demonstrate how urgently your help is needed throughout Africa, but also how just a little, timely assistance can be put to great use through the vehicle of IAS.

April's Mailed Snapshot

What is your story in regard to engaging the world’s poor? My challenge for you this month is to find some way to participate in redemptive work among the world’s least fortunate. A monthly pledge to the work of IAS is a great start.

To those of you who have been faithfully giving – many of you for years now – thank you. For you, this month’s brochure testifies to the countless lives that have been changed because of your generous giving.

What is your story? I pray it will be one of compassion and care for a hurting, dying world.

If you don’t receive our mailings via the US postal service, but would like to receive this special April publication, please email our office at and I will be happy to send it to you.

In gratitude,

Douglas Mann
IAS America



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