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Snapshot: Dreaming Big « International Aid Services America

Ofosu Mensah of Ghana

Ofosu Mensah had reached the point of desperation. Sales of his locally produced organic skin powder had fallen so significantly that he could no longer pay the school fees for his five children. Without adequate income to meet his family’s needs, Ofosu began to worry about what the future held for those he loved.

While Ofosu’s income and hope were on the decline, IAS (in partnership with the Africa Assistance Plan) reached out to help. With IAS/AAP’s business programs lifting dozens of families out of poverty each month, our staff encouraged Ofosu that with help and hard work, he could succeed.

After IAS/AAP dispersed his microfinance loan, Ofosu invested into a farming venture that would help supplement his family’s income as he continued to expand his skin powder business. The farming venture was an immediate success.

Ofosu describes his achievement by saying, “Since I went into farming, things have taken a good turn. It has helped me take care of the family, while income from the sales of powder has helped me provide the children’s education.” Today Ofosu is diligently working to expand the two enterprises that are providing for his family’s needs.

When asked what IAS/AAP’s support has meant to him, Ofosu was clear. “I can boast of my condition, because life is much better than in the past. IAS and AAP have really helped me turn a new chapter in my life.”


Ofosu has big dreams for the future. Thanks to your support for the IAS microfinance program in Ghana, this once hopeless young man is now empowered to care for his family, and is poised to help others. “The farm has really helped me and my family,” states Ofosu. “I intend to expand my business by reinvesting my profits into the farm. This, I believe, will give me the opportunity to employ the youth in my community. I also intend to add value to my locally manufactured skin powder in order to attract the export market.”

Ofosu Mensah and his family; empowered through your support

It is exciting to see that IAS microfinance recipients dream big, because big dreams often lead to big results. In the months ahead, it is likely that this one small microfinance loan will help numerous men and women gain employment, send their children to school, and pay medical expenses for entire families – all because we strategically sowed a little more than one hundred dollars into a man with a faltering skin powder business in Ghana.

IAS partners, it is your help that allows families like these to prosper. When the results are tallied, the multiplication effect of small loan amounts can be staggering. But don’t take my word for it – ask Ofosu Mensah. Thanks to your generosity, Ofosu’s life and the futures of his family and community members have been changed. On Ofosu’s behalf, and on behalf of all those he will assist, thank you.


Doug Mann
IAS America


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