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Snapshot: With Hands Held High « International Aid Services America

Snapshot: With Hands Held High
One of my favorite accounts in the Bible is the description of Israel’s battle against Amalek, found in Exodus 17. Moses, Aaron, and Hur go up to a hill overlooking the battle, and so long as Moses can keep the staff of the Lord raised high in the air, Joshua and the army of Israel prevail. But whenever Moses becomes weary and lowers his arms, the army of Amalek surges and retakes the battle.

Recognizing that this fight depends in part upon Moses’ strength and his ability to keep his arms raised, Aaron and Hur seat Moses on a stone so that he may rest. Then each of the men take a supporting position on either side of the man of God, helping him keep his arms raised until the sun sets and Israel is victorious.

Moses (who at one point in his life literally glowed from God’s presence) needed help in order to fulfill what God had called him to accomplish in this battle. In fact, it took a large number of God’s people working together in obedience to defeat the army of Amalek. Joshua, his army, Aaron, Hur, and Moses all had very specific roles to play – they were all key in Israel’s victory. This chronicle, my friends, is also a picture of God’s church at work today.

As tensions continue to increase between the North and South nations of Sudan, organizations attempting to help the innocents on both sides have been caught in a political crossfire. Within the past few months, all but seven international relief and development agencies have been forced to leave Khartoum and Northern Sudan. IAS remains one of the few organizations left on the ground, trying to meet the growing needs of an increasingly isolated population.

As political tensions continue, IAS becomes weary. These are the days that we look to you, the body of Christ, to hold up our arms.

Walk Humbly with Your God.”

– Micah 6:8, NIV

This September, IAS is calling our partners to help us celebrate what the Lord is doing through this work, and to “hold up our arms” as we continue our fight to help the least of these. Our September 28th fall banquet will feature addresses from IAS International Director, Leif Zetterlund, as well as Chicago Bears defensive cornerback, Charles “Peanut” Tillman.


Our evening together will be a time of celebration and recommitment to the work at hand, and we would love to have each of you involved in this event in some way. If you reside in the Chicago area, please attend – it will be a wonderful evening. Even if you are unable to grace us with your presence, you can be part of the evening by helping sponsor the event. Whether you’ll be present or not, please think about having your company or small business become one of our corporate sponsors. Or, perhaps you or your family could become one of our table sponsors.

This banquet to support IAS’s efforts in Sudan will require much assistance in order to be successful, and any role you can play on September 28th will be greatly appreciated. To make your reservations to attend, or to find out more specifically how you or your company can assist us, visit our banquet information page at for further information.

Eventbrite - IAS Fall Banquet, Turnberry Country Club I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on September 28, and I am thankful for the added strength you provide IAS.

In gratitude –

Douglas Mann
IAS America



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