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Water hindering access to water? « International Aid Services America
IAS Chad programme has been operating in the Eastern Region of Chad (Goz Beida) and the Central Region of Guera. Guera Region has proved to be one of the most challenging places to drill for water. With a positive borehole rate currently standing at around 30%, the drilling is very costly. One could easily decide to leave the area and go to easier drilling areas. But what about the people? The need for potable water in Guera remains high despite continued intervention to improve the situation. The IAS drilling team, energized by the desperate need of the people, continues to labor in the region.

As if the geological environment is not enough of a challenge, it almost sounds ironic that drilling work has to be suspended for almost two months when the seasonal rains come. This is mainly due to the inaccessibility of the areas most in need of new boreholes. Incidents like getting stuck in mud, vehicles almost being washed away while attempting to cross wadis, are common. The team strives as hard as possible until they realize they absolutely cannot move anything anymore. At this point, there is no other choice but to leave the desperate people and tell them that the search for water will continue after the rains because the rain water has created an impossible environment for drilling.

A tragic aspect of this process is that as the rain season kicks in, so does the deadly disease, cholera. One contributing factor of the disease is the unclean water used by the people. It is disheartening for the team to see people dying of cholera, partly because of dirty water and sanitation issues, while experiencing the inability to bring relief to their suffering because of the lack of access to the areas in need.

And so it continues, as water hinders access to water, the team waits for the day when the rains will show a sign of lessening so that they can return to the people that desperately need the successful completion of the water drilling and sanitation activities.

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