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Snapshot: “Comfort” in the Midst of Hardship « International Aid Services America

Hardship is a known commodity to Kyeremaa Comfort; farmer, widow, and mother of three in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. After losing her husband, with children and grandchildren to support, Kyeremaa found herself in a hopeless situation. The following is an IAS interview with Kyeremaa.

What are some of the challenges you have faced, and what is your current situation?

“Basically, taking care of the home and the needs of the children was a challenge. As a widow, with children and grandchildren to take care of, it was very difficult for me – especially taking care of the children’s education (school fees). All hope seemed to be lost. You take a step and the next moment you are back to step one because you have to wait for the seasonal crop to do anything meaningful.”

“But thank God, this year has really been a wonderful one. Due to this loan and the financial education gained, I have been really enlightened as to how to handle my finances. The children do not get sacked frequently (non-payment of fees) from school as before, so things have taken a straight course for me this year and I have the hope that the years to follow will be even better.”

What help has our assistance been to you?

“In addition to the loan you granted me, you also provided a package of education which gave me an insight into how to invest for higher returns in my farm. I have applied the knowledge gained from the business training and added it to my years of farming. I can boast of the well-being of my children now; they are receiving a quality education and we have far fewer financial constraints in the house now thanks to your help.”

IAS – Providing a Hand-Up
Rather Than a Hand-Out in Ghana!

Everyone gets involved at harvest time in rural Ghana

What is your vision for the future, and how will you achieve it?

“My goal is to build a storehouse where I can store my maize after harvest for the entire year. If I am able to do this then I will be able to eliminate poverty in my family because the major times we face difficulty are during the minor season when I do not farm. I have started saving money towards this project, and I look forward to your continued support in helping me achieve my goal.”

Kyeremaa is just one of hundreds of success stories across Africa who now thrive thanks to their empowerment opportunity provided through your donated dollars.

Capacity-building is not a simple task. There is little doubt that things would be much easier for IAS if we adopted a hand-out methodology to our work. But hand-outs don’t empower women like Kyeremaa. Today, Kyeremaa is actively shaping her future. She is confident and assured that she has the talent and skills needed to take care of her family for years to come.

Trouble may strike again for the Kyeremaa Comfort family, but I have confidence that with Kyeremaa’s new-found skills, she will stand strong in the face of her future challenges.

Today, others like Kyeremaa are waiting for their opportunity to overcome their circumstances — and, a Hand-Up from you is all that it is going to take!

In gratitude,

Douglas Mann
International Aid Services — America

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