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Snapshot: Call to Action « International Aid Services America

It has now been 20 months since our IAS team was attacked in Somalia and three staff members were kidnapped by Somali pirates. A fourth staff member, Axmed Isse, was shot and left for dead. Thankfully Axmed’s gunshot wounds were treated and he has now recovered from his injuries. However, our three remaining staff are still being held somewhere in Somalia.

This month’s Snapshot is a special request for our donors and partners to stand together in solidarity with IAS and our three Kenyans held hostage. I would personally request that three courses of action be undertaken by each of us this month:

1) Intercede and pray for the safety and swift release of these hostages.

2) Draft and send a letter to the Kenyan Embassy in your country.

Below is a letter I would ask you to use, inserting your own details in the areas where designated. Please mail your letters during the month of April so that our impact may be felt together. If you would like to copy and paste text for a letter or email, using your computer, you can use the text below or one of the following:



Click to Open a Text-Only Copy of the International Letter



3) Draft a word of encouragement for either the families of our three hostages, or to the hostages themselves. You can email your letter to IAS at and we will pass these letters along to the families as well as the hostages to read upon their release. This will be a tremendous blessing.

Thank you for your hands-on role in participating with IAS this month. Please click here for a printable PDF copy of this month’s Snapshot to share with your family, friends and church. Contact us for specific ways your church or community group can engage in this campaign.


Douglas Mann
President, IAS America

Martin, Abdinoor and Janet, photographed shortly after their abduction in July, 2012.

Text for a Letter Sent to the Kenyan Embassy in the United States

(Insert your own country’s name, your ambassador and the related address):

Attention: Ambassador Jean Kamau (for U. S. letters)
Kenya Embassy
2249 R St. NW
Washington, DC 20008-4028

Dear Ambassador Kamau(for U. S. letters)

With this letter I am sincerely requesting the immediate action of the Kenyan government. On the 11th of July, 2012; staff from International Aid Services (IAS) (three Kenyans and one Somali) were attacked as they drove back to their compound near Galkayo, Puntland, Somalia. They had been assisting with aid and education services for those in need in this region where IAS has worked for many years. One of the staff members was shot and left for dead. The other three were then taken as hostages by the attackers.

The hostages’ names are:

  • Janet Muthoni Kanga (Kenyan)
  • Martin Mutisya Kioko (Kenyan)
  • Abdinoor Boru (Kenyan)

It has now been 20 months since their kidnapping. I appeal to you on behalf of IAS, those kidnapped and their families, for you to raise your voice to your government to intervene. I call on you to take action to help in their release and return them to Kenya so they can be reunited with their loved ones.

IAS has served people in need in Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Somalia for many years. These staff members who were serving in Somalia were dedicated and selfless in their desire to serve those caught up in poverty and war. Please stand with us now in solidarity as we together raise our voices to help them in their time of need.

I ask the Kenyan government to demonstrate its commitment to its own citizens and take the necessary action required to gain their release.

This letter is sent to you in the hope that you will be the catalyst that is needed in order to bring hope and freedom to Janet, Martin, and to Abdinoor.

In confidence and assurance that you will act on this, I thank you in advance.

(Signature of the person or organization writing)



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