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Snapshot: Change « International Aid Services America

Andy Warhol once said, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

I’ve found that sentiment to hold true in my life. Certainly there have been times when twists and turns took me by surprise or God’s providence opened a door that I didn’t see in front of me. But more often than not, change requires taking action and a step of faith.

I mention this because change is taking place now — not only in my life, but in the work of IAS as well. January of 2015 saw a change in the international management of IAS, from Leif Zetterlund to his son, Daniel. A younger generation in Europe is picking up the mantel of leadership in this great work, and it is exciting to see the passion and spiritual drive they have to move IAS forward.

Here in the U.S. office, I have also been challenged to look toward the next generation for the future direction of IAS America and a young leader has, in fact, emerged from our Board of Directors. His name is Jonathan Wildt.

Jonathan has been engaged in the work of IAS for the better part of a decade. His early days were spent in Sudan’s Darfur region, where he managed all of IAS’s water projects. Darfur was, and remains, one of the most difficult regions where IAS works, and Jonathan demonstrated great capacity for leadership and service under challenging conditions.

So you, the descendants of Jacob,
are not destroyed.”

Jonathan excelled in the management of IAS programs in Darfur, and upon his return to the U.S. he was asked to join the U.S. Board of Directors. Jonathan’s love for God, heart for Africa, and commitment to IAS have always been strong and evident. His management skills in the healthcare industry and non-profit sector will make for a smooth transfer into this role with IAS.

Hillary Wildt shares Jonathan’s passion for Africa as well, and will play a strategic role in their partnership in the leadership of IAS.

As of May first, I will officially be handing over my position as president to Jonathan. I plan to remain engaged with IAS and will continue to serve on the Board of Directors for as long as I’m needed. But I feel strongly that the Lord has guided us as an organization in this direction, and I am incredibly excited to see what happens in the next chapter of IAS under fresh leadership.

I ask you for your continued partnership with IAS, and also for your prayers for Jonathan and his wife, Hillary, as they assume their new role of leadership. Your words of encouragement to Jonathan would be greatly appreciated, I’m sure.

And I’d like to thank each of you for the blessing you’ve been in my life as I have had this wonderful opportunity to serve the Lord through IAS. No endings here, just new beginnings.


Douglas Mann
President, IAS America




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